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Tools for Educators

Elementary School

Utah Women’s Roles in World War One
The “Hello Girls:” Switchboard Soldiers of World War One
The Life of Martha Hughes Cannon: Writing & Illustrating Short Historical Stories
Martha Goes to Washington: Equal Representation in National Statuary Hall
Utah Women and the Railroad
Examining (and Debating) Women’s Suffrage Arguments and Memorabilia
Advocates for Change: Comparing Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, and Emmeline B. Wells
Honoring the Early Struggle for Women’s Suffrage in Utah: Planning a Memorial
Utah Women’s Suffrage: Reader’s Theater and Voting Simulation

Secondary School

Utah Women’s Involvement in WWI: 7th and 8th grades
The “Hello Girls:” Switchboard Soldiers of World War One
Dr. Cannon Goes to Washington: Utah statues in National Statuary Hall
How the Sego Lily Became Utah’s State Flower: Examining Primary Sources
Utah Women and the Railroad
Imagery and Strategies Used in the Women’s Suffrage Movement: Developing a Get-Out-the-Vote Campaign
Abolition: The Catalyst for the Women’s Rights Movement
Analyzing Opinions For and Against Women’s Suffrage in Utah, 1870-1896
Examining the Struggle for Suffrage & Utah Statehood through Political Cartoons

Using Primary and Secondary Sources

Activities and Tools
Primary Source Sets