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Women in WWI (new!)

The “Hello Girls:” Switchboard Soldiers of World War One
Utah Women’s Roles in World War One
Utah Women’s Involvement in WWI: 7th and 8th grades
World War One Toolkits
Maud Fitch
The Hello Girls
Female Yeomen
Goshute Women: Protesting the Draft
Emmeline B. Wells and the Relief Society Grain Saving Movement


Examining the Struggle for Suffrage & Utah Statehood through Political Cartoons
Abolition: The Catalyst for the Women’s Rights Movement
Honoring the Early Struggle for Women’s Suffrage in Utah: Planning a Memorial
Examining (and Debating) Women’s Suffrage Arguments and Memorabilia
Resources for Celebrating Suffrage in Utah
How Utah Women Gained the Right to Vote in 1870 (Part 1)
How Utah Women Gained the Right to Vote in 1870 (Part 2)
Martha Hughes Cannon Traveling Exhibit and Toolkits

Civic Engagement

How the Sego Lily Became Utah’s State Flower: Examining Primary Sources
“Utah Women Making History” Exhibit