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Utah Women’s Involvement in WWI: 7th and 8th grades

Lesson Overview

Women took on many new roles during WWI, and this was certainly true for Utah women. Students will explore the many ways women influenced and were influenced by the war effort, including serving on the front lines, working on the home front, or protesting to advance important causes. Students will engage with individual women’s stories surrounding one of four themes, then teach their classmates about that theme. They’ll also design a poster sharing information about a WWI Utahn with which they share characteristics.

Recommended Instructional Time: 2 60-90 class periods

Historical Background for Educators

Key Utah State Standards Addressed

Learning Objectives

Guiding Questions


Materials Needed

Background information about Utah Women's Involvement in WWI
1. PowerPoint
2. Student Worksheet
3. (Optional) Gallery Walk Student Worksheet

Optional Extensions/ Adaptations

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