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The Women

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Seraph Young Ford Seraph Young Ford educationpolitics Hannah Kaaepa Hannah Kaaepa activismreligious Emmeline B. Wells Illustration of Emmeline B. Wells holding pages of the Woman's Exponent newspaper, standing in a wheat field in front of Salt Lake City. activismpoliticsreligiouswriting Emily S. Richards Emily S. Richards activism Emma McVicker A woman (Emma McVicker) in late 1800s dress in front of Westminster College with schoolchildren around her activismeducationpolitics Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon activismmedicinepoliticsscience Zitkála-Šá: Zitkála-Šá: activismmusicwriting Mary Isabella Hales Horne Mary Isabella Hales Horne activismreligious Susan B. Anthony Susan B. Anthony activismpolitics Sarah M. Kimball Sarah M. Kimball activismreligious Franklin S. Richards Franklin S. Richards activismlawpolitics Fanny Brooks Fanny Brooks businessreligious Jennie Froiseth Jennie Froiseth sitting at a table with two other women. She is holding a book and a newspaper entitled "Anti-Polygamy Standard" activismphilanthropywriting Mae Timbimboo Parry A Native American woman standing in front of the Bear River, holding a book entitled Shoshone History and a basket with mocassins activismartseducationwriting Alice Kasai Japanese American woman stands in front of a garden, wearing a medal and a white lotus and holding a book. activismeducationwriting Kanab Town Council Five women of the Kanab Town Council standing in front of a red rock butte politics Mignon Barker Richmond Mignon Barker Richmond activismeducationphilanthropypoliticsreligious Governor Olene Walker Governor Olene Walker businesseducationpolitics Barbara G. Toomer Barbara G. Toomer activismmedicinemilitary Ivy Baker Priest Ivy Baker Priest philanthropypolitics Helen Papanikolas Helen Papanikolas educationphilanthropywriting Becky Lockhart Becky Lockhart medicinepolitics The Silent Sentinels The Silent Sentinels activism Chipeta Chipeta activismartsmusicpolitics Annie Dodge Wauneka Annie Dodge Wauneka activismeducationmedicinepoliticsscience Elise Furer Musser Elise Furer Musser activismphilanthropypolitics George Sutherland George Sutherland lawpolitics Charlotte Godbe Kirby Charlotte Godbe Kirby activismwriting Esther Eggertsen Peterson Esther Eggertsen Peterson activismeducationpolitics Maud May Babcock Maud May Babcock artseducationreligioussportswriting Incarnación Florez Incarnación Florez medicinereligious Ah-Yuen Illustration of a Chinese woman wearing black, standing in front of a store business Reva Beck Bosone Reva Beck Bosone businesseducationlawpolitics Maude Adams Maude Adams artsbusinessphilanthropyscience Violet Bear Allen Violet Bear Allen artsmusic Alice Merrill Horne Woman wearing a large hat holding paintbrushes in front of an art gallery. activismartseducationphilanthropypoliticsreligious Amy Brown Lyman Amy Brown Lyman activismeducationmedicinepoliticsreligious Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor activismreligiouswriting Anna Belle Weakley Anna Belle Weakley businessmusicphilanthropy Edith Melendez Edith Melendez activismmedicinepolitics Esther Landa Esther Landa activismeducationphilanthropy Alberta Henry Black woman wearing a red dress with a University of Utah pin. One arm is raised and the other holds a scholarship envelope. She stands in a crowd where someone is raising a sign saying "Fairness and Justice for All" activismeducationphilanthropypoliticsreligious Claire Ferguson Claire Ferguson activismlawmedicinepolitics Lucy Heppler Lucy Heppler activismreligious Geneal Anderson Geneal Anderson activismpolitics Ellen Selu Ellen Selu activismartsbusinessmusicphilanthropy Katherine Fenton Nutter Katherine Fenton Nutter business Lucille Bankhead Lucille Bankhead activismartsreligious Ann Valentine Ann Valentine educationsports Marjorie Redding Christiansen Marjorie Redding Christiansen educationmilitaryphilanthropyscience Ruth May Fox Ruth May Fox activismreligiouswriting Desdemona Stott Beeson Desdemona Stott Beeson businessscience Alice Louise Reynolds Alice Louise Reynolds activismeducationwriting Mary Willis Martin Critchlow Mary Critchlow standing in a nice dress. philanthropyreligious Eurithe LaBarthe Photograph of a Eurithe LaBarthe looking left educationpolitics Georgia Lathouris Mageras “Magerou” Georgia Lathouris Mageras “Magerou” medicine Eliza R. Snow alt= religiouswriting Sarah E. Anderson Sarah E. Anderson activismpolitics Betty Miller Betty Miller businessmilitaryscience Kuniko Terasawa Kuniko Terasawa activismphilanthropywriting Sister Augusta Sister Augusta educationmedicinereligious Natacha Rambova Natacha Rambova artsbusinesssciencewriting Cornelia Paddock Cornelia Paddock activismwriting Pop Chalee Pop Chalee activismarts Anna Campbell Bliss Anna Campbell Bliss artsbusinessscience Elizabeth DeLong Elizabeth DeLong activismeducationwriting Juanita Brooks Juanita Brooks educationwriting Elizabeth Pugsley Hayward Photograph of Elizabeth Hayward artseducationpolitics Margaret Zane Witcher Cherdron Photo of Margaret Zane Witcher Cherdron looking to the viewers right. activismbusinessphilanthropypolitics Margene Bullcreek Margene Bullcreek activismscience Ruby Timms Price Ruby Timms Price activismeducationpolitics Dr. Shuping Wang Photo of Doctor Wang smiling activismmedicinescience Dorothy Poynton-Hill Dorothy Poynton hill wears a sunhat to watch diving competition at the Berlin 1936 Olympic Games sports Elnora Dudley Black woman in a fancy white dress wearing a crown. activismarts Jane Manning James Black woman seated for a photograph activismpoliticsreligious Helen Foster Snow Photo of Helen Foster Snow with hands clasped politicswriting Minerva Teichert Self portrait of a woman with white hair wearing a headband. artsreligious Jean King Photo of Jean King from a record cover. music May Swenson Photo of the poet with short hair. writing Maud Fitch Photo of a woman in uniform wearing a medal. militaryphilanthropy Lydia Simbulan Concepcion Lydia Simbulan Concepcion artsscience Leticia Simbulan Azarcon Letty at a community event activismeducationreligiousscience Milagros Belarmino Baldazo Milagros Belarmino Baldazo education Delores Blair Silva Velasquez-Ortega Delores Blair Silva Velasquez-Ortega activismpolitics Cristina Caputo Woman looking at the camera wearing glasses. business Nettie Grimes Gregory Nettie Gregory wearing glasses and a shirt with a lace collar. activismphilanthropy Maria Cardenas Photo of Maria Cardenas cooking in the kitchen of her restaurant. business Bobby Florez Bobby Florez wearing a suit and smiling. activismpolitics The Hello Girls Newspaper photo of two women in the 1910s with telephone apparatuses around their necks. military Female Yeomen Woman wearing a military uniform and saluting. military Gertrude Lancaster Purple banner with gold words: Lifting as we Climb activism Eleanora Marian Streadbeck Woman wearing a black dress standing confidently. activism Annie Payne Howard Portrait of Annie Payne Howard which hangs in Memorial House, headquarters of Preservation Utah. militaryphilanthropy Sisterhood of Nurses Sisterhood of Nurses medicinemilitary