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How the Sego Lily Became Utah’s State Flower: Examining Primary Sources

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, students will examine, compare and synthesize information from primary sources to determine when, how and why the sego lily became Utah’s state flower.

Recommended Instructional Time: 60 minutes

Key Utah State Standards Addressed

Guiding Questions

  • When did the sego lily become the flower of Utah?
  • What was the process for establishing the sego lily as the Utah state flower?
  • Who played a key role in establishing the sego lily as Utah's flower?
  • Why was the sego chosen and not another flower?
  • Why do you think women in Utah voted on a flower to represent themselves and not another item?
  • Do the reasons for choosing the sego lily as Utah's flower still hold value for Utahns today?

Historical Background for Educators

Learning Objectives

Materials Needed





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