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World War One Toolkits

March 2024

We’re pleased to announce a new toolkit and resources about Utah women in World War One! The Great War shaped and was shaped by millions of women across the globe, and Utah women were no exception.

World War One involved Utah women in new capacities. Some witnessed the violence of the war firsthand on the frontlines. Many went to work in new jobs.. Many others served with community organizations to support the war effort. Some women used the opportunity to continue blazing the trail toward universal civil rights and social justice.

Click here to download the free digital toolkit (PDF) with links to lesson plans, activities, bios, and articles about Utah women’s many roles in the war. Or you can explore our “Great Women in the Great War” story map, take a personality quiz to find out which WWI Utahn you’re most like, or check out the articles and bios listed below. If you like these materials, please share them with an educator, parent, or student in your life!

World War One poster with a woman at a switchboard on the front lines of battle. Text reads "back our girls over there"

Questions about these materials? Suggestions for how to improve? Requests for our next toolkit? Email

We’re grateful to Lauren Webb for conducting research and building the story map as well as many biographies and articles. She worked on this project as her Bennion Scholar capstone at the University of Utah.