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The Life of Martha Hughes Cannon: Writing & Illustrating Short Historical Stories

Lesson Overview

This lesson is intended to stretch across two 20-30 minute lessons. Students will understand the historical significance of Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon, whose statue will be placed in the Statuary Hall Collection in 2022.  Students will choose an event from Dr. Cannon’s life and create a storyboard with illustrations for a children’s book.

This lesson is also available on Canvas Commons.

Recommended Instructional Time: Two 20-30 minutes lessons

Key Utah Standards Addressed

Learning Objectives

Materials Needed

1. Student Worksheets

Note: When sharing link for fillable worksheets with students in Google Drive, each student will need their own copy of the worksheet. This can be accomplished by changing the last part of the url you share with students from “edit” to “copy”. This instructional video from Melissa Nikohl on You Tube (begin watching at the 4:45 minute mark) may be helpful with this process.

2. Teacher Pages




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