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Writing Poetry to Connect with the Past: A Special Lesson from Utah Poet Laureate Lisa Bickmore

Lesson Overview

In this lesson, students will learn about Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon and her trailblazing life as a doctor, suffragist, public health advocate, and lawmaker in Utah’s early years. They will then write an ekphrastic poem in which they address Dr. Cannon’s statue (which currently stands in the Utah State Capitol).

In an optional extension, students could also learn about other advocates from Utah’s first years of statehood, such as Elizabeth A. Taylor, Hannah Kaaepa, Lucy Heppler, and/or Emmeline B. Wells, and write a poem addressing a photo of one of these women.

Recommended Instructional Time: 90 – 120 minutes
Photo of Utah Poet Laureate Lisa Bickmore, white woman with gray curly hair.

Intro for Educators from the Utah Poet Laureate


Materials Needed

Guiding Questions


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