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Utah County

Explore stories of women who shaped Utah County.
July 29, 1892
Suffrage Rally in American Fork

A large suffrage rally in American Fork, Utah on July 29, 1892 featured yellow as the color of suffrage: “Ladies wore the yellow ribbon and many gentlemen the sunflower…and the entire day was a grand feast of suffrage sentiment.” Local suffrage associations often held social events to raise money and awareness for the cause.

March 15, 1895
Utah County women petition for suffrage

Utah County suffragists Electa Bullock, Sarah A. Boyer, and Hannah S. Lapish signed this petition for equal suffrage to the constitutional convention. More suffragists signed petitions for suffrage over the next month.


November 3, 1896
First UT County woman elected

Ellen Jakeman became the first elected female county official from Utah county in 1896 when she won the position of county treasurer. The all-male county commissioner board wrote of her ability to give “a piece of her mind” to whomever she seemed fit, and she was a fearless speaker who never backed down from a political fight. 

August 24, 1900
Provo Ladies Protest

The women of the Utah county Democratic club urged the county council to reconsider its plan to nominate only men for county offices in 1900. The women demanded “visible recognition” of the joint responsibility of male and female voters, and protested the unequal pay of male and female county clerks.

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