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More Utah Women’s History:
Special Utah Historical Quarterly Issues on Utah Women’s History
  • Utah Historical Quarterly 38, no. 1 (Winter 1970): special issue, “Women in Utah”
    • Leonard J. Arrington, “Women as a Force in the History of Utah”
    • T.A. Larson, “Woman Suffrage In Western America”
    • Thomas G. Alexander, “An Experiment In Progressive Legislation: The Granting of Woman Suffrage In Utah In 1870”
    • Jean Bickmore White, “Gentle Persuaders Utah’s First Women Legislators”
    • Helen Z. Papanikolas, “Magerou: The Greek Midwife”
    • Mary W. Howard, “An Example of Women in Politics”
    • Raye Price, “Utah’s Leading Ladies of the Arts”
  • Utah Historical Quarterly 46, no. 2 (Spring 1978): special issue, “Views of Utah Women”
    • Beverly Beeton, “Woman Suffrage in Territorial Utah”
    • Miriam B. Murphy, “The Working Women of Salt Lake City: A Review of the Utah Gazetteer, 1892-93”
    • Laurence P. Laurence and Sandra C. Taylor, “’Strong Minded Women’: Desdemona Stott Beeson and Other Hard Rock Mining Entrepreneurs”
    • Juanita Brooks and Janet B Butler, eds., “Utah’s Peace Advocate, the ‘Mormona’: Elise Furer Musser”
    • Fae Decker Dix, ed., “The Josephine Diaries: Glimpses of the Life of Josephine Streeper Chase, 1881-94”
    • Davis Bitton and Gary L. Bunker, “Double Jeopardy: Visual Images of Mormon Women to 1914”
  • Utah Historical Quarterly 49, no. 3 (Summer 1981): special issue, “Women: Dreams and Realities”
    • John R. Sillito, “Women and the Socialist Party in Utah, 1900-1920”
    • Linda Thatcher, “’I Care Nothing for Politics’: Ruth May Fox, Forgotten Suffragist”
    • Carol Ann Lubomudrov, “State School Superintendent: Whatever Happened to Mrs. McVicker?”
    • Susan Staker Oman, “Nurturing LDS Primaries: Louie Felt and May Anderson”
    • Maureen Ursenbach Beecher, “Women’s Work on the Mormon Frontier”
    • Sherilyn Cox Bennion, “Enterprising Ladies: Utah’s Nineteenth-century Women Editors”
  • Utah Historical Quarterly 59, no. 1 (Winter 1991): issue mostly focused on woman suffrage
    • Lisa Bryner Bohman, “A Fresh Perspective: The Woman Suffrage Associations of Beaver and Farmington, Utah”
    • Beverly Beeton, “A Feminist Among the Mormons: Charlotte Ives Cobb Godbe Kirby”
    • Gary L. Bunker and Carol B. Bunker, “Woman Suffrage, Popular Art, and Utah”
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