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Juab County

Explore stories of women who shaped Juab County.
March 11, 1889
Juab County WSA Organized

On March 11, 1889, the Juab County Woman Suffrage Association was organized in the Nephi Tabernacle. Both women and men spoke at the meeting, but only women were allowed to become members and officers.

March 18, 1895
Juab County Suffragist petitions constitutional convention

Mrs. M.A. Grover of Juab County was among the 100 women who attended a territorial suffrage convention, drafted a petition in favor of equal suffrage, and filed into the constitutional convention to hear their petition read to the delegates.

April 11, 1895
Juab County petitions for equal suffrage

266 signatures from Juab County accompanied a petition from Utahns across 10 counties to include an equal suffrage clause in the state constitution. There had previously been petitions from Juab County residents in favor of postponing the decision on women’s voting rights.

Maud Fitch sails for France

35-year-old Maud Fitch of Eureka volunteered to drive an ambulance on the front lines in France in WWI. Maud bought her own ambulance and gasoline, and sailed with it for France in March 1918.

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