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Scavenger Hunts
Utah Women Making History

November 18, 2020

We’ve created two scavenger hunts for kids to do in the classroom or at home. All you need is the link to our page of “Key Players” in Utah history or a set of our trading cards! If you don’t have trading cards, you may want to give your students a list of selected bios to search on the website.

There are two versions: in the one for younger kids, students search the illustrations to find the pictured clues and write each Utah woman’s name. Download the PDF in color here, a black and white version here, and the answer key here.

The scavenger hunt for older students involves searching the trading card backs (or the website bios) to identify which Utah woman matches each written clue. We’ve thrown in a few visual clues as well! Download the PDF in color or black and white, and find the answer key here.

Happy hunting!