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Cache County

Explore stories of women who shaped Cache County.
December 10, 1889
Cache Valley Woman Suffrage Association formed

The Cache Valley Woman Suffrage Association was organized on December 10, 1889. It was an affiliate of the Utah Woman Suffrage Association and the National Woman Suffrage Association.

April 18, 1895
Petitions in favor of women's suffrage

On April 18, 1895, Cache County’s delegates to the state constitutional convention presented eight petitions in favor of including an equal suffrage clause in Utah’s proposed constitution. Both women and men had signed the petitions.

January 17, 1896
Celebration of women's suffrage

After Utah women regained voting rights with statehood, the leading women of Logan threw a “grand celebration” for the “advent of Franchise”. A large suffrage meeting and banquet, followed by a ball with the Harris Orchestra, took place on January 17, 1896.


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