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Thank a Suffragist

November 3, 2020

We’ve been posting this on our social media, but want to make sure it’s available here as well. This historic election marks the 150th year since Utah women voted in a general election, the 100th anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment, and the 55th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. Isn’t it a great time to say thank you to the women who invested your ballot with meaning and power?

We’ve made it easy to thank a suffragist by creating this Google map of their burial locations across Utah, from St. George to Logan and most places in between! We couldn’t include everyone, of course, so feel free to message us or email to ask about women who may be buried in your town! It’s been fantastic to see so many of you sharing your photos from these visits. Continue to tag us and we’ll continue to share!

Utah suffragists’ gravesites map.